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Instigate a fellow?

The bizarre world of online dating does indeed show us many sides of people's behaviors and attitudes. Along with being rude, I have noticed another odd trend that tends to accompany that they "don't get on here much" and it is....follow me on Instagram. I've tried to think this through and take notice of things… Continue reading Instigate a fellow?

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Sorry, I don’t get on here much (and other excuses)

There are, of course, lots of different kinds of relationships and the accompanying jargon takes a while to figure out (LTR, NSA, FWB, Sugardaddy, DKY, ENM). With that said, my starting assumption is that people create profiles on dating apps and websites because they actually want to meet somebody in real life. That isn't a… Continue reading Sorry, I don’t get on here much (and other excuses)

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Sugar, I’m not your Daddy

Sugar Daddy was not a term I was familiar with in my 20s. By the time I became a father in my 30s I had heard of it. Now that I am a single father in my 40s I'm apparently starting to look like a potential Sugar Daddy, to some women at least. In the… Continue reading Sugar, I’m not your Daddy

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Seen in the Wild (World of Dating)

As you may have read previously, I am trying to navigate the world of online dating. In so doing, I sometimes come across some of the most bizarre, creative, and hilarious profiles. This is the first post in an ongoing series - Seen in the Wild (World of Dating) - where I share with you… Continue reading Seen in the Wild (World of Dating)

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Online Dating: The False Perception of Plenty (F.P.P.)

I want to say at the outset that until I meet someone in person I question pretty much all assumptions I may form based on how they appear and interact online. With that said... Over the last couple of years I have observed some odd behavior in the online dating world. I'm not talking about… Continue reading Online Dating: The False Perception of Plenty (F.P.P.)