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Instigate a fellow?

The bizarre world of online dating does indeed show us many sides of people’s behaviors and attitudes. Along with being rude, I have noticed another odd trend that tends to accompany that they “don’t get on here much” and it is….follow me on Instagram.

I’ve tried to think this through and take notice of things I’ve heard from the women I’ve met through dating apps (both virtually and in person). I’ve often heard that women are deluged with likes and swipes on dating apps. That makes sense. Men tend be less discerning than women in this area. I think there are a few reasons for this that I’ll get into in another post. For now, I’m just curious about this follow me on Instagram phenomenon.

Mastered Instagram ’cause you can instigate a follow (shit)

It can’t be that these women are using Instagram because they’re deluged with likes. If the number of men liking them is overwhelming then it surely makes things worse to invite them into your social world (albeit virtually). I would also suggest that giving strangers access to your social media via a dating app is somewhat risky. After some real thinking, I have concluded that this behavior simply based on the line captured by RTJ’s Ju$t.

Am I off base here? Do you have an alternative answer? Your thoughts are welcome in the comments!

If you made it to the end of this post…here is the song I mentioned:


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