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Good News for Keto Fans!

Michael Decker

Critics of the ketogenic diet often like to point out that few scientific studies support the claims of improved health that many practitioners make. Two recent scientific articles may serve to blunt some of this criticism. In the scientific peer-reviewed journal Experimental Gerontology, Dr. Yunhua Yu and colleagues investigated the ketogenic diet and its impacts on myocardial health. Lab mice were fed a ketogenic diet and the results measured. Dr. Yu and his colleagues concluded that the long-term ketogenic diet exposed mice delayed cardiac aging. They suggested that the mechanism for this reduction of heart deterioration rate was due to the diet’s mitigation of oxidative stress, improvement of mitochondrial functioning, and promotion of autophagic flux – a description of the process whereby the body rids itself of aged-proteins, misfolded proteins, or damaged organelles in

In another study published this year in the journal Molecular Metabolism, Dr. Daniela Webser and colleagues concluded that their evidence suggests that the ketogenic diet likely creates “an unfavorable metabolic environment for cancer cells”. The authors note that a number of studies support the notion that the ketogenic diet shows promise when paired with other traditional forms of clinical cancer treatments, such as chemo- and radiotherapy.

The growing number of scholarly scientific reports supporting the efficacy of a range of positive benefits from the ketogenic diet is good news for its proponents. It is heartening to hear that there are indications that following a ketogenic diet likely not only improves heart health, but also creates an environment inimical to the growth and spread of cancerous cells in the body.

Check back here for more news and notes on the ketogenic diet.

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