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Body Piercings By The Numbers

Michael St Michael

2 minute read

Humans have always liked to stick foreign objects through bits of flesh. Egyptian mummies demonstrate that navel piercings were prevalent by at least 1500 BC. Despite the growing popularity of body modification, whether through tattooing or piercing, there are still stigmas attached to these decorative arts, to be sure. Certain stereotypes die hard, and even in relatively open western cultures, many people harbor aversions to various kinds of body piercings and tattoos. Along with complications from piercings, which frequently require medical attention (some 31% of the time) and as a function of fashion, the number of individuals choosing to pierce intimate parts ebbs and flows.

Thinking of getting a piercing for the first time, or maybe adding to your collection. Have you ever wondered if those barely perceptible lines under the rubbed out censored areas are maybe pierced nipples on your favorite IG model? Ever wonder what percentage of people have piercings in places where only their most trusted companions (or proximate people in the gym locker room) get to take a gander? So did we.

Throughout time, ear piercing and nose piercing are among the most ancient forms of body modification and remain the most popular today. One industry website which tracks its large US customer client base has some interesting and revealing statistics about body piercing trends. The most common form of piercing, ear lobes, was far and away the most popular. The ear, generally, was the most popular target for piercings overall, comprising just over 57% of their total in 2019. Nose piercings continue to be popular, too, second only to ear piercings, with nearly 20% of women having had a pierced nostril or septum.

Moving south – and let’s face it – this is what you are wondering about – pierced nipples are sought by about 9% of women, about the same rate that tongue piercings are performed. Navel piercings, which have a high rejection rate due to the shape of the belly required to accommodate the piercing, remain immensely popular, with 33% of women reporting this type of body modification.

For guys looking for decorated love boxes, the further down you go, the lower the odds of finding a surprise. Only 1-2% of women report any kind of vaginal piercing or decoration, which is a lower percentage than that of men, 3% of whom decorated their scrotum or penis with piercings.


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