Killer Core

Most everyone who hasn’t lived under a rock knows that core muscles are among the most important areas to target in your exercise regimen – and also one of the most difficult to improve and maintain. Short of going to the local bottle shop, getting a six pack can be demanding. But you don’t need to be shredded to get a strong, healthy core. Better posture and overall wellness are just two of the reasons to work on your core regimen today.

7 Minutes to a Stronger Core:

Planking – the gateway drug for core exercises, if you are out of shape or simply want to improve your tone, start with planking. To start, get down on all fours and get into push-up posture, but instead, drop your arms and rest your weight on your toes and forearms, which should be flattened along the floor.

Straight leg lift – start in a lying down position on a yoga mat or other forgiving surface. Point your toes and keep them pointed throughout the exercise. Raise both legs together and to a slow five count, lower them down flat to the ground.

Dead Bug – Lie on your back. Extend your hands to the ceiling. Bring your knees up so your feet are parallel to the floor. Keep your toes pointed throughout. Slowly lower one leg at a time to the floor, making sure to keep your toes pointed, and your lower back long throughout. Lower your leg slowly all the way to the ground. After five reps with one leg, switch to the other leg and finish the set.


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