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Three Hot Tech Gadgets to Buy Now

Looking for toys to astound while not breaking the bank. We’ve got you covered with three can’t miss options.

#1 Moto360

The new Moto360 smart watch is drawing rave reviews for its design, build quality, and practicality. While the Apple Watch is fantastic, it also comes with a hefty price tag. For a limited time only, you can score the Moto360 for only $179.99

Featuring a stainless steel chassis, a Gorilla Glass face, and titanium screws, the Moto360 also comes with a black leather and black silicone band, so you can use all your apps at the gym and still be ready for duty at the office or on the links.

The third generation watch works on iOS and Android.

Pick up yours here

#2 Theragun Prime

Who does not need a daily massage, especially after days packed with the gym, meetings, hunkering over keyboards, or running after the kids? Massagers increase blood flow, decrease muscle tension, and stop painful spasms that result in knotty, grainy muscles.

This is the fourth generation of the famous deep tissue massage gun. A smaller version of the devices used by the pro, the Theragun Prime features 120 minute battery life thanks to its lithium ion rechargeable pack, a 5 speed range, and LED screen which allows the user to monitor speed.

The Theragun comes with the Therabody app that allows users to run programmed routines. Its ergonomic design means that self-care for sore muscles and chronic pain is easily managed. Tissue is massaged 60 percent deeper than other massagers.

Get yours now for $299.

#3 Tile Pro Tracker

Ever lost your keys? Put your wallet under the sofa? Wondered why your phone ended up under the kid’s mattress? I thought so.

You – and everyone else for that matter – needs the Tile Pro Tracker. The Tile Pro Tracker works via an app and connects to multiple devices via Bluetooth, so if you aforementioned phone goes missing, don’t sweat – an Android tablet or iPad will help you find your easy-to-misplace stuff. Why waste another minute looking?

After activation and signup for a Tile account, the replaceable CR1632 battery lasts for one year.

Snag it on Amazon for less than the clock you knocked off the bedstand the last time you looked for your wallet.


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